On The Wall

Antonio Bosano, Pencil Portrait Artist.

Framed prints above a sofa

Pencil portraits often look best when framed with a mount.

Mounts (referred to as Mats in the US), are also helpful in conserving drawings as the glass in the frame should ideally never touch the drawing directly. A mount helps to separate the two, discouraging condensation from damaging the paper by causing mould and mildew. A drawing needs an air gap to ‘breathe.’

Frames are sometimes sold with clear perspex rather than glass. The disadvantage to perspex is that it carries a static charge and will attract dust to it. If you choose a glass frame, you may prefer to get non-glare or non-reflective glass. This is more expensive than ordinary glass but the etched surface reduces the shine on the glass in bright light which can obscure the drawing.

Don’t touch a drawing with your hands more than absolutely necessary as the oils in your skin can damage it. Wash your hands before handling an original drawing or fine art print even if you think they are clean.

Avoid hanging a drawing in direct, strong sunlight as it may fade, or start to warp from the heat of the sun; equally, do not hang it over a source of heat, such as a radiator or fireplace, as this will definitely damage it. Newly plastered walls contain damp and should also be avoided.

The pictures on view above the sofa are A4 prints within an A3 sized frame and mount.

Ava Gardner framed print Elizabeth Taylor framed print John Lennon framed print Elvis Presley framed print Rihanna framed print Madonna framed print