Private Commissions

Antonio Bosano, Pencil Portrait Artist.

Families, Children, the list goes on.

The unusual, the unexpected present, the one that doesn’t break the bank yet says so much about you.

Let’s be honest when we look back over Christmas’s past and the presents we received there are only a few that invariably spring to mind as truly memorable and unexpected.

The beauty of a pencil portrait is that at worst it might not necessarily “make someone’s day” but it will divert attention from a predictable range of gifts and at best it may just tug at your loved one’s heartstrings.

Whoever the subject, be it your partner, child, grandchild etc it’s a snapshot in time and a totally different medium from a still photograph.

The photograph itself need not be perfect, you may wish to change the clothing, hairstyle etc, perhaps you never got the perfect Wedding Day portrait of the pair of you together. Whatever your requirements I can make it happen by bringing different elements together. CGI can’t do everything at an affordable cost but I can.

Email me your requirements, whether it be for a retirement present, to preserve treasured memories, a keepsake or simply to treat yourself.