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Antonio Bosano, Pencil Portrait Artist

When I informed my wife at the tail end of 2011 that I was going to build the world’s largest pencil portrait website, I got precisely the reaction I would expect from a person who knows me as well as she does. No hint of trepidation—no obvious “How long will that take you?” Nothing really—beyond “Oh that’s good.” She knows I never lose interest in projects.

Mind you, one thing has changed. When people ask after me, she now replies “He’s under construction!”


As anyone who follows entertainment news has become aware over the last decade and a half, most thespians of the female persuasion now refer to themselves as actors, not actresses. Journalists and other non-actors, to varying degrees, are getting to grips with the gender-neutral program. On the one hand this change in usage is informed by the egalitarian impulse that has pushed aside “stewardess” for “flight attendant” and, less successfully, “waitress” for the ungainly “waitperson” or ambience-free “server.”

Well, one of the great delights of having a website is the freedom to ignore such political correctness – or is it nonsense?!!! You decide, but here at this address, a woman is an actress.

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October 2020

New Portraits

October 2020

Natalie Portman

September 2020

Richard Madden
Michel Legrand

August 2020

Tanya Maniktala
Adrian Dunbar

July 2020

Himesh Patel
Paul Newman – Revised Portrait
Emily Blunt

June 2020

Brenda De Banzie
Michael Goodliffe

May 2020

Laurence Olivier – revised portrait
Jane Merrow – revised portrait
Yvonne Mitchell
Anton Diffring
Shirley Bassey
Taina Elg

April 2020

Max Von Sydow
Gladys Knight
Peter Lorre
Lily James
Lily James in colour

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Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
Joni Mitchell
Olivia Newton John

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Kit Harington

June 2017

Molly Peters
David Bowie – Aladdin Sane

May 2017

Guy Doleman
Marion Cotillard
Carly Simon

April 2017

Elkie Brooks & Robert Palmer
Paul Carrack
Robbie Robertson

March 2017

John Hurt
Gene Vincent

December 2012

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