Imelda May

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Imelda May Pencil Portrait
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Irish rockabilly queen Imelda May has come a long way since her self-released debut album in 2005. Her 3rd major label album ‘Mayhem’ has caused precisely that throughout the world, clearly finding an audience who weren’t being catered for by most modern artists. Her stompin’ anthems ‘Johnny Got A Boom Boom’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Inside Out’ could be 1950s classics.

Her special blend of old rock ‘n’ roll with rhythm ‘n’ blues takes you on a twistin’ ride through influences by Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, but all delivered by Imelda’s own unique voice and lyrics. As Jeff Beck discovered, she can multi-track her voice in exquisite fashion, a point duly noted by the late great Les Paul – so uncanny being her ability to recreate his wife Mary Ford\‘s classic 50\‘s recordings. As Clash magazine so succinctly puts it – “The problem with an artist like Imelda May is that she’s so good, it makes a critical review almost impossible to write; her performance is flawless.”

For me personally, it means I can finally mention her name in company without automatically drawing nonplussed looks from all and sundry. It\‘s taken time and she\‘s paid her club dues, but at 39, this musical goddess is set to go viral.