Liz Hurley

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Liz Hurley Pencil Portrait
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Christopher Moeller, a psychologist, recently told a German magazine, Der Taggspiegal, that people who aren’t using Facebook, could well be displaying anti-social tendencies. Social media has become the epitome of ‘normality’ in the western world, and individuals not represented on major sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are quickly becoming oddities.

Much has been said about the narcissism and other negative traits that people who are active on social media seem to share. But with the numbers of social media users continuing to rise, it raises questions about individuals who are not online tweeting, updating and sharing their thoughts with others. Of course, there is the counter argument that non social media users are too busy following world affairs to risk embarrassing themselves. Hurley’s August 2013, highly publicised tweet about Egypt, was a damning indictment on the model/actress, in which she expressed a desire to visit the country, seemingly oblivious to the daily carnage being reported. With the death of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi inciting bloodshed – 52 civilians and eight police officers killed at the time of her tweet – Hurley inadvertently revealed that applying Estée Lauder leaves her precious little time for world news. What next for the actress? A roving foreign ministerial role? – The mind boggles……