Alec Baldwin & Demi Moore

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Alec Baldwin & Demi Moore Pencil Portrait
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The movie “Blind” (2017) features Alec Baldwin as – unsurprisingly – a blind novelist named Bill who is a sought-after teacher but a brusque human being. Demi Moore is Suzanne, who ends up as collateral damage when her husband, Mark (Dylan McDermott), is arrested on charges related to a shady stock deal. Suzanne’s community-service sentence involves reading to cranky Blind Bill, and they instantly clash, but of course romance will eventually ensue, especially since Suzanne has been chafing under the thumb of her domineering husband.

The critics slated the production but to my mind it’s an under-rated pleasure featuring a closing song that boasts a vocal performance from Robert Redford. The veteran actor’s rendition of “Bird in a Cage” is endearingly good and evocatively captures the essence of the central characters’ romance. Of course it’s patently obvious the man ‘literally’ cannot sing but his baritone delivery is utterly charming.

Perhaps it’s my age but CGI dominated epics wear decidedly thin after a while. In the final analysis “Blind” kept me interested in its three central characters. Ultimately, what more does anyone of a certain age want from a viewing experience?