Angelina Jolie

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Angelina Jolie Pencil Portrait
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Between 45 and 90 out of every 100 women carrying BRCA genes develop breast cancer. A cell needs to have a number of mistakes in its genetic code before it becomes cancerous. Doctors call these mistakes faults or mutations and most of these gene mutations develop during our lifetime. They can occur due to substances we come into contact with that cause cancer or they can happen because of mistakes that cells make when copying their genetic code before dividing into two new cells.

Most of these abnormal cells die or are killed off by one’s immune system. It usually takes many years to gather enough genetic mistakes, so this is one of the reasons that cancer is generally more common as we get older. However, it it is possible to be born with a gene fault that may increase the risk of cancer beyond the average statistical probability. For carriers of a BRCA1 mutation, based on very large studies of thousands of women, the lifetime risk for invasive breast cancer is 65%.

The Oscar winning actress, Angelina Jolie said her lifetime risk was 87%, based on earlier studies in the 90’s, which analysed families where all members were affected. Whatever the figure, she wasn’t happy with the odds, displaying remarkable courage in undergoing radical surgery in order to ‘buy time’.

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