Claudia Cardinale

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Claudia Cardinale Pencil Portrait
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Suitably imbued with an astonishing work ethic, Claudia Cardinale, now 75, has made over 135 films in the past 60 years, and still does two or three a year. Added to which, her part in classics like ’8½,’ ‘The Leopard,’ ‘Once Upon a Time in The West’ and ‘Fitzcarraldo’ keep her busy on the festival and “lifetime achievement award” carousel.

If she couldn’t act, which she must certainly can, the entire male population would have forgiven her those films she made in the 60’s and 70’s, for it’s no disservice to give Cardinale’s physical attributes some of the credit for her success. A generation of postwar cinephiles, (I’ll hold my hands up here as well), rhapsodised over her earthy voluptuousness, her hourglass figure, her “bedroom eyes”, and her cascading brunette tresses.

She was the embodiment of postwar European glamour and was packaged as such, on screen and off. It’s almost like she had sexiness thrust upon her. Factor in the husky voice, and God was clearly smiling the day she was born. I’ve been delayed even making a start on this commentary, drooling over her portfolio of pictures on Pinterest.