Edward Fox

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Edward Fox Pencil Portrait
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The slim, blond Englishman makes his private call in a hotel phone booth.

“The Jackal is blown. Wolenski talked before dying. Repeat: The Jackal is blown.”

From this pivotal moment, director Fred Zinnemann ramps up the tension in the movie version of Frederick Forsyth’s best selling novel, as the undeterred OAS hired assassin continues with his assignment to eliminate President de Gaulle.

Written in just thirty five days, the story is faithfully recreated on film, and would make an international star of Edward Fox, an actor who had worked principally in the theatre throughout the preceding decade.

The Day of the Jackal was filmed on location in France, Britain, Italy and Austria. Zinnemann was able to film in locations usually restricted to filmmakers—such as inside the Ministry of the Interior—due in large part to French producer Julien Derode’s skill in dealing with authorities. During the massive annual 14 July 1972 parade down the Champs-Élysées, the company was allowed to film inside the police lines, capturing extraordinary closeup footage of the massing of troops, tanks, and artillery during the final Liberation Day sequence. Additionally, during the weekend of 15 August, the Paris police cleared a very busy square of all traffic to film additional scenes.

Released in May 1973, the film was a huge international success. As a cat and mouse thriller, it remains the yardstick by which all other similar entries in the genre are measured.

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