George Lazenby

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

George Lazenby Pencil Portrait
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In Ian Fleming’s novel On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,’ the character of Tracey tells Bond:

‘Make love to me….do anything you like. And tell me what you like and what you would like from me. Be rough with me. Treat me like the lowest whore in creation. Forget everything else. No questions. Take me.’

It’s little wonder the books found near universal appeal amongst a generation of men still seemingly enshrined in post war austerity. Unfortunately, for George Lazenby, with little acting experience beyond humping a Fry’s chocolate bar across our television screens, landing the most coveted cinematic role possible after Connery’s initial abdication, did little but provide a licence to behave abominably towards women. Recalling her time working on the Bond film for a 2012 one hour documentary about her life and career, Dame Diana Rigg was still moved to describe him as a ‘shit.’ Where women are concerned, memories are indeed long.

Recommended reading

Never had it so Good – A history of Britain from Suez to The Beatles [1956-63] (Dominic Sandbrook) 2005

I am a great admirer of the historian Dominic Sandbrook and find much to enjoy in both his literary and televisional works. His website can be located at:

Chapter sixteen “The Secret Agent”, focuses heavily on the Bond franchise and its cultural impact upon post war Britain. I obtained a copy for the knockdown price of £1.99 but after my eulogising, Mr Sandbrook will hopefully forgive me, for I could not possibly provide for my family as I do and indulge my interests without such thriftiness.