Hardy Kruger

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Hardy Kruger Pencil Portrait
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Lew – “Well, is this the outfit you work for?”

Dorfmann – “Becker Flugzeuge”

Lew – “Yes. I think I’ve heard of them. Build all kinds of models? Don’t they build model planes?”

Dorfmann –“ The best.”

Lew – “I didn’t know they produced the big stuff too.

Dorfmann – “Well, the biggest we make is the Adler. I think you’ll find it on page 23. The Adler has a two-meter wingspan. But it’s not one of my designs, because it’s a glider……and I work only on the power models.”

Lew – “Page 23?”

Dorfmann – “Yes, I think it’s 23.

Dorfmann – “The biggest I’ve personally designed is the Jaeger 250. Could I have this a moment, please?
Thank you. Wait, it’s here. There it is. Jaeger 250. It won the prize for extended flight at Frankfurt last year.”

Towns – “Extended… Extended flight?”

Dorfmann – “Yes. The radio control also is my design and then on the opposite page there’s another rather fine model. It’s called the Schwalbe. Right there.

Lew – “Yes, yes, but I think what Mr. Towns meant was the real thing. How much designing have you done on the real thing?”

Dorfmann – “The real thing?”

Lew – “Well, yes. You know, like this.”

Dorfmann – “Oh, no, no, no. You misunderstand. We make nothing but model aeroplanes.”

Lew – “You mean you’ve never designed a full-sized aeroplane?”

Dorfmann – “Full-size? No. But then, of course, the principles are the same.”

Lew – “Well, yes, they would be, wouldn’t they?

Dorfmann – “Well, of course one encounters different problems……but basically the principles are the same. I think I’d better check on the control linkages.”

Exit Dorfmann.

Towns – “He’s crazy, Lew. He builds toy aeroplanes. He didn’t even keep anything from us. He really doesn’t think there’s any difference.

Towns – “Well, what are we going to tell those guys out there? What are we going to tell them, Lew?”

Lew – “Nothing. We haven’t enough water left to stay alive. We can die here……or we can die in that thing.
What’s the matter? Haven’t you any curiosity left? Wouldn’t you like to know how it feels to fly a toy aeroplane?

One of the greatest movie scenes ever filmed.

“The Flight of the Phoenix” (1965)

James Stewart’s weather beaten face and Richard Attenborough’s look of incredulity says it all. Hardy Kruger doesn’t even realize what’s happened. The flip side comes when they tell him not to tell the others that he makes toy airplanes. This time it’s the turn of Kruger’s face to say it all as he realizes what they think of him.