Joan Collins

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Joan Collins Pencil Portrait
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She’s the last great star from the halcyon period of British cinema ,who conquered American television in the 80’s.

A trouper to the end, one botox injection and a pathological fear of the knife was sufficient to make her rely once again on her rather unique gene pool. Bitch as they might about the alleged excessive ‘slap’ and the hairpieces, but millions of anonymous female trolls won’t look like Joan Collins when they’re 81. Its all in the bone structure you see, and trust me, I draw enough to know what I’m talking about.

Recommended listening

Desert Island Discs (25/6/89)

Recommended viewing

Turn the key softly (1953)

Long before the days of buffont wigs, 80’s shoulder pads, soft core trash and superbitch roles, ‘our Joanie’ showed great potential as a dramatic actress.

Based on a novel by John Brophy, ‘Turn the Key Softly’ takes place within a single day , as the film follows the exploits of three newly released female convicts fom Holloway prison. Monica (Yvonne Mitchell) is full of hatred for the man who led her into a life of crime. Stella (Joan Collins) – the tart with a heart – is an impulsive streetwalker who is determined not to return to her old lifestyle. Last, but not least of the trio is Mrs. Quillam (Kathleen Harrison), an elderly shoplifter,who misses out on her chance to start anew in a most ironic fashion.

A rather straightforward psychological drama, the film is nonetheless enlivened by its location photography, redolent with images of post-war London.

My pencil portrait of her dates from around the time of principal photography on this movie.