Omar Sharif

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Omar Sharif Pencil Portrait
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It’s the cinematic entrance actors can only dream about. Appearing out of a desert mirage, his slow three minute entrance is one of the times when the film best takes advantage of its long running time.

Inching ever closer towards Lawrence and his Bedouin guide, director David Lean creates visual ambiguity and genuine tension from a drawn out entrance as this man, covered nearly head to toe in black, comes into focus astride a camel. Friend or foe? The central question is answered when he pulls out a gun and kills Lawrence’s guide. Explaining that the man was drinking water from a well without permission, we begin to understand his character, and the complexities of a conflict that Laurence will struggle to comprehend.

The film is Lawrence of Arabia (1962), and this scene would create movie history making an international star out of the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif.

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