Ray Winstone

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Ray Winstone Pencil Portrait
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Ray Winstone is facing up to his advancing years with some practicality. Warned by his director that Noah was going to be a tough shoot – lots of lifting, not to mention some very heavy rainfall and rough-housing with Russell Crowe – the actor was duly philosophical. “…. I’m 57 years of age, and I’m not in the fittest condition of my life. But I’ve got this thing where I like a bit of pain. I like getting up in the morning feeling bruised and battered. Just as well as it turns out. I’d never met Russell before, but we got on fine, even when we were bashing the granny out of each other – which we did plenty of.”

“Although I loved doing Noah, I got really homesick. When I was 28 or 29 I’d go out drinking or whatever after a day’s shooting, but not anymore. I mean, we had our moments on this. Russell had a beer with us a few times – he’s very social, Russell. But on the whole I’d go back to my apartment after a day being thrown off the Ark and I’d think what I’d really like is a massage or a sauna. Most of the time, though, I didn’t even manage to do that. Most of the time I just lay on the couch and fell fast asleep.”

Don’t be fooled though. It’s still not time to try pushing him around!

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