Romy Sneider

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Romy Sneider Pencil Portrait
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My portrait of the actress Romy Schneider dates from 1968, a period in her life when she was married to the director Harry Meyen, a former half-Jewish intern who had been tortured at the hands of the Gestapo during World War II. Traumatised by his war experiences, the man was a depressive and would later hang himself.

I first became aware of her in several of the English speaking roles she undertook in the 60’s – ‘The Cardinal’, a rather overblown religious epic, and the more commercial ‘What’s New Pussyca’ and ‘Triple Cross’. Unfortunately, despite an interest in European cinema forged at an early age by my father’s insistence on watching unknown actors – ‘They appear more believable’ he would repeatedly tell me – I have never had the opportunity to watch much of her oeuvre.

The epitome of french movie sophistication and ‘chic glamour’, there was a fragility to this Austrian born actress that would ultimately prove tragically prescient.

“I’m just an unhappy 42-year-old woman and my name is Romy Schneider,” she would admit in one of her last interviews.

Her death could hardly have been more prosaic. Schneider would be found by her partner Laurent Petin, in their Paris apartment, sitting lifelessly at her desk. Slumped over the arm of her chair, an empty bottle of red wine in front of her, she had started to write a letter to a women’s magazine to cancel an interview. Her words broke off mid-sentence, the result of a heart attack, probably induced by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. It was May 1982 and Schneider was just 43.

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