Susan Hayward

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Susan Hayward Pencil Portrait
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The Conqueror’, a Cinemascope disaster of epic proportions, was filmed throughout the summer of 1954 amidst the scenic red bluffs and white dunes of Escalante valley, near Saint George, Utah. With a location selected principally for its similarity to the central Asian steppes, and premiered in February 1956, it is now reviled as one of the worst films of the decade, if not all time. The sight of John Wayne brandishing his sword as Genghis Kahn, put the proverbial Hollywood boot into the Mongol warrior’s legacy, and precious few of the cast would ever look back on the shoot with any sense of professional satisfaction.

The Atomic Energy Commission had tested 11 nuclear weapons the year before, and during shooting, levels of radiation were high. By 1980, 91 of the 220 cast and crew had been diagnosed with cancer, with 46 fatalities recorded up to that point. These included Wayne himself, Susan Hayward and the film’s director Dick Powell.

Though journalists have often linked this radiation exposure with the seemingly high incidence of cancer diagnosis, the statistics – by late 1980 – remained at one with the general US population. Many of the principal actors were, by their own admission, heavy smokers, so the true implications may never be determined. In any event, ‘The Conqueror’ will probably never live down its reputation for being not only terrible, but perhaps literally toxic as well.

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Susan Hayward - Classic Film Star