Art Garfunkel

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Art Garfunkel Pencil Portrait
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It’s the moment every singer dreads, and for Art Garfunkel that moment would come in January 2010.

Dining out with his son at the Palm restaurant in Nicaragua, the singer choked on one of the larger strands of lobster, and within a couple of days, his swallowing muscle was numb. Unable to converse in anything but a hoarse voice, a subsequent endoscopy would reveal noticeable problems with one of his two vocal cords, the engorged and more rigid appearance visual testimony to his present predicament.

Interviewed by ‘Rolling Stone’ in February 2014, Garfunkel recalled those worrisome days:

“As the weeks ensued, I saw that I couldn’t finesse my singing in the mid-range. I could do the high notes and the low notes. High notes are my stock in trade, thank God. But I couldn’t sing, “When you’re weary, feeling small.” I couldn’t do anything in the middle where you need that finesse. It’s indescribable. I was crude instead of fine.”

The halo of blonde curls may be long gone, but painstaking rehabilitative vocal work would pay dividends. Combining songs and prose poetry, Garfunkel would slowly ‘up his game’, working those vocal muscles through 49 low key shows in 2013. Now fully recovered, there’s talk of fresh recording sessions and another reunion tour with Paul Simon. Here’s to patience and perseverance…