Cheryl Cole

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Cheryl Cole Pencil Portrait
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The US is still the biggest music market in the world, and as such, UK bands and solo artists will always want a piece of it. In 2013, the BPI estimated that UK acts now accounted for nearly 13% of global sales, so lofty ambitions across the pond would clearly remain ‘de rigueur’ for any right minded act. However, the success of Adele and One Direction, to name but two, offered no guarantee to every top British act, as history would show all too well. Britain’s biggest star in the late 50’s and early 60’s, Cliff Richard, barely troubled the American charts, yet The Beatles flew into New York for the first time on the back of a number one record.

Cheryl Cole announced in the summer of 2013 that she was ditching plans to launch her music in America. She had originally brought in a new and experienced team to help her with cracking America when news of her ‘X Factor USA’ signing broke. Yet two years later, she found herself still without a US record deal. Turning thirty was clearly a watershed moment in more ways than one.\

Never at a loss for another gimmick of self promotion, Cole chose 2013 as the year to turn her entire rear into a tatooed rose. Frederick Forsyth was moved to comment in London’s “Daily Express” on September 13, that this was no discreet rosebud but an entire floribunda. A risky choice, the famed novelist felt. If the occasion ever arose for the singer to require a colonoscopy, would hospital staff summon a surgeon or a botanist? Like thousands of readers encountering Forsyth’s column, I burst out laughing, yet one cannot deny that any form of extensive tatooing is a major decision. The whole question of ‘body art’ is covered more extensively in my David Beckham commentary. Suffice to say that in the case of Cole, her decision to undertake such drastic work may now leave her with the requirement to find a male companion with a keen interest in horticulture.\\