Dean Martin

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Dean Martin Pencil Portrait
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Dean Martin was the very epitome of the devil-may-care roué who truly isn’t impressed by anything or anyone. Beauty? He had more women than he knew what to do with. Fame? Come on. Money? Please! Dino didn’t care if you were the President of the United States, some hot piece of ass or the head of the Las Vegas Mafia. The man who once famously claimed to having never read a book, simply didn’t give a fuck.

It makes for a great story, but I’m not buying it…

His story is part of Italian-American folklore. From the outset, he was a hustler, always trying to pad his wealth with business deals, some of them shady. His early machinations are comical; at one point he sold far in excess of 100% of himself to various agents and investors. Later, however, he became a real-estate tycoon.

Personally, Martin became increasingly detached as his success grew. Always a womaniser, he ‘used’ the opposite sex without giving anything of himself. His long suffering second wife Jeannie, would demand a quality 25% of his waking hours, and whilst her husband enjoyed playing the role of devoted son and family man, his wives neither knew, nor ever wanted to know, anything about his activities outside the home. As he aged, his relations with younger women made him a figure of ridicule, as he sought to prove his virility and vitality with them.

At the same time, he had no real friends. Nobody ever really knew Dean Martin. There was his early morning constitutional on the golf course, his business dealings – notably in real estate – a preoccupation with his ‘bird’* and finding an enticing warm home for it, his show business side, and his famous participation in Frank Sinatra`s Rat Pack, yet throughout it all, his detachment never wavered. As he grew older, his heavy drinking became more excessive.


During the `60s, Martin reached new heights as a TV personality. He made an enormous amount of money from his weekly hour long television show. The program was tasteless but funny, and millions still believe he never rehearsed; God only knows why, but that’s another subject within itself. His biographer Nick Tosches, suggests that only those closest to him knew that the charming, dissolute, devil-may-care persona he adopted for the show was actually the real man. Hmmmm…….

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Recommended reading

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams (Nick Tosches) 1992

First published in the early 90’s when Dino was ‘failing’ – a weekly reclusive diner, retired nightclub performer, redundant recording star and mourning father – Nick Tosches takes his reader on a mesmerizing, irreverent odyssey through American mob culture, through the hidden, the forbidden, and the dreamed-of places, telling the story of a rise against all odds; the glory of that rise and its dark side, too: the story of a man driven into his own shadow by fame and inner demons. If Martin was indifferent to most things, the central aim of any biography on the man must be to ascertain what truly ‘moved’ his inner being.


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