Jake Bugg

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Jake Bugg Pencil Portrait
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Last update: 31/7/15

Young Jake Bugg always wanted a Martin 000-15SM. Once her had secured a record contract, he went and purchased his dream instrument. He really loves his guitars and also owns a Fender Stratocaster and a 1952 Telecaster reissue. In 2014, he was touring with a solid mahogany ‘one off’ Patrick Eggle.

He also has a respect for greatness, owning every release by The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. When he’s studying slide, he listens to Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

The Nottingham born, English musician, singer, and songwriter, spent much of 2015 working on his third album and there was much riding on it. His first eponymously titled album was a UK chart topper, but the follow up had stalled at position three, meeting with rather muted reviews. Here’s to public expectation and pressure……………

Nevertheless to my mind, he appears a well grounded young man, and not one to sugar-coat his opinions.
Despite owning two platinum discs (both for his self-titled debut album), he would insist in 2016 that he really couldn’t get excited about awards and chart positions.

“Anyone can get a number one now,” he would deadpan quite dismissively. “You only have to sell, like, 20,000 albums or something. If you speak to another band and you say, ‘Oh, I had a number one album,’ they’ll be like, ‘yeah, so did we, and John had one last week as well.’ It’s not really an achievement any more. You know, The charts are the charts. I can’t really get excited about anything I see in them.”

Recommended listening

Jake Bugg (2012)

Jake’s self-titled debut studio album, featuring the distinctive lead off single “Trouble Town,” subsequently immortalised in the first series of the BBC’s crime drama “Happy Valley” (2014).


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