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Julie Andrews Pencil Portrait
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Last Update : 13/12/17

There’s always been something about Julie Andrews that grates – not with everyone mind you – but certainly with myself and all my friends. Perhaps its that winning wholesomeness, the prim, hyper-hygienic persona that Mary Poppins,’ and its even more popular successor The Sound of Music,’ bestowed upon her. As one business associate once put it to me – “You can’t imagine her ever having sex – it just wouldn’t be right!” He also wouldn’t admit to watching those endless re-runs of Andrews atop the Austrian alps, but then who would? Yet millions do.

If Time magazine in the 60’s was able to coo that “she is Christmas carols in the snow, a companion by the fire, a girl to read poetry to on a cold winter’s night,” then more fool us for having completely believed the piece. This hewn-from-saccharine image was created in defiance of the evidence that Miss Andrews could be as tough, temperamental and difficult as anyone else in show business. “If that bitch is still here on Monday, I’m quitting the show,” stormed Rex Harrison during their fraught Broadway run in ‘My Fair Lady.’ Christopher Plummer, her Sound of Music co-star, complained that working with her was “like being beaten over the head with a Hallmark greeting card,” while Richard Harris confessed to his biographer, Michael Feeney Callan, that after making a movie with Julie he had “rarely, if ever, felt such hatred for anyone”.

Maybe I’ve simply been unfair to her all these years. Time to find out.

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My Fair Lady - Original London cast recording (1959)

Camelot - Original Broadway cast recording (1960)

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Walt Disney's 'Mary Poppins' - Original Cast Soundtrack (1964)

The Sound of Music - Original Soundtrack (1965)

Neatly timed for the movie’s 50th anniversary, Analog Spark would re-issue the original 16-track Grammy® Hall Of Fame-inducted RCA Victor soundtrack album on 180-gram vinyl and SACD. Led by Julie Andrews, whose work in the film earned her a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award nomination, the soundtrack rings out with heart­warming, iconic standards. From the title composition, “The Sound of Music,” to “Sixteen Going on Seven­teen,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Edelweiss,” “So Long, Farewell,” “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” and of course, “My Favorite Things,” the album is a treasured momento for all time; treasured that is unless you wish the Goodies really had taken Miss Andrews down on the Austrian Alps with a bow and arrow!

So what the hell is it with this bloody album? We all own a copy somewhere in the house but don’t play it, and we all watch New Year re-runs on tv whilst squirming at one saccharine laden scene after another. Millions loved it. This album repeatedly climbed back up to the top of the Billboard charts between 1965 and 1968, keeping at bay all the critically lauded protagonists of youth culture and hard rock. You could take the piss out of it, but you could never ignore it. Sales in excess of 20 million units testify to its enduring appeal.

I know every song inside out. Maybe it’s memories of my grandmother sitting at the piano wending her way through every page of her dog eared copy of the film’s songbook. It might be the reinforcement process I underwent when I first caught it at the cinema in the early 70’s; six years old, it was already re-doing the Moss Empire circuit. Whatever it is, I cannot bring any objectivity whatsoever to a critique of this musical. There’s just no escaping its wholesome appeal. Aaaaarh…………..

Thoroughly Modern Millie - Film Soundtrack (1967)

Victor/Victoria - Original Broadway Cast Recording (1982)

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