Katherine Jenkins

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Katherine Jenkins Pencil Portrait
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Katherine Jenkins is a pretty woman. This fact alone is enough to antagonise the millions who believe that looks alone can bestow an unfair advantage upon the chosen few. It seems the poor woman (in the ‘metaphorical sense’,) is perennially trapped within a PR bubble that perpetuates the notion that she is no opera singer but most certainly the very worst type of ‘diva’.

Perhaps the reality lies someplace else. A glamorous mezzo soprano, whose first four studio albums went to the top of the classical charts, she herself defines her vocal ability as ‘classical crossover’ rather than operatic. As for the ‘diva’ tag, she insists her behaviour is not consistent with the term. Interviewed in 2008, the star protested:

‘My mum always taught me to treat people with respect.If somebody lets me down, professionally speaking, I will talk to them about it.’

The there’s the stories about her industrial strength makeup. An executive from her record company was reportedly given the unenviable task of calling her and mildly suggesting that she could go a bit easy on the slap. Reports of a swiftly terminated conversation and a hurled mobile, added grist to the mill.

All a bit silly really and even if true, terribly inconsequential. She’s simply good at what she does, and undeserving of the vitriol. After all, none of us are forced to listen to her.