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Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Les Paul Pencil Portrait
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Driving near Davenport, Oklahoma, the driver flipped his car, the resultant near fatal car crash necessitating a year long stay in hospital. At one point, his injuries were so severe that doctors thought they might have to amputate one of his arms. Upon hearing the news, the patient’s thoughts were consumed with the idea of guitar synthesis in order to play one handed.

Ultimately, doctors would rebuild his elbow, informing their much relieved patient that his arm could indeed be saved. Nevertheless the limb would be devoid of movement, its reset position a permanent one. Unsurprisinly, the man christened Lester William Polsfuss, would tell his medical team to set his arm at slightly less than a right angle so he could still play guitar. They really shouldn’t have expected anything less from an individual who had already spent years developing a solid body electric guitar. Polfuss, better known by his professional name of Les Paul, remains to this day, a pioneering music personality, his reputation unquestionably exceeding the world renowned guitar that bears his name.

Recommended viewing

Les Paul – The Wizard of Waukesha (1980)

Les Paul “and his band of renown” are shortened to simply the renowned Les Paul in this entertaining and informative documentary on one of the long-lasting talents in the music business. Excerpts from Les Paul’s popular performances on radio in the 1930s highlight his rapid rise to fame. His years with Fred Waring and recordings with his wife Mary Ford are balanced against his successes in designing electric guitars and one of his better-known inventions, the eight-track recording system. As urbane and versatile in person as his accomplishments suggest, Les Paul’s own accounting of his past and snippets of his guitar prowess round out this excellent documentary.

I taped this programme when it received a rare UK screening in 1988 and it remains amongst my top ten rockumentaries. There’s a poignant interview with the late Paul Butterfield and fascinating footage inside the Gibson factory. An essential slice of musical innovation, Rick Derringer summarises Paul’s immense contributions to electronics and guitar design by describing him as “The Man.”

Les Paul – Chasing Sound (2007)


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‘Imagine Beyonce without multi-track recording.’