Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Lulu Pencil Portrait
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By her own admission, the normally effervescent Lulu is rather more reflective these days. There’s an expanded waistline that ‘creeps up on you when you get older,’ to quote her from a 2014 interview with the ‘Daily Mail.’

But another marriage, she confessed, would not necessarily solve her solitude. ‘Marriage isn’t the answer to my so-called problems,’ she says. ‘I do admit that I sometimes feel, “Oh, if I had somebody to do this with, it would be easier”. Sometimes, having someone makes it easier for getting through life.’

Then, with acute insightfulness, she added:

‘Somebody once said: “I have plenty of people to do things with. But nobody to do nothing with”. And I know what that means. After all, you can’t cuddle up to a round of applause.I know this might sound startling coming from someone who’s always depicted as Mrs Positive. And I am. Just not always. I can also be Mrs Grumpy.’

It’s always interesting to read comments posted by the general public on news agency websites, particularly those in response to celebrity interviews. It seems ‘we’ – and be in doubt that I’m excluding myself here – are convinced that people with considerable financial wealth, have little to complain about. Perhaps it’s a mistake for stars to discuss anything personal – Katie Price being an obvious example of someone who takes matters to an appalling level of indiscretion – but the public, nontheless, craves such information, and subconsciously feeds on it. If Lulu feels compelled to mention the heartbreak she experienced over the failure of her second marriage, and the pain of being professionally separated by death, from her first husband – Bee Gee Maurice Gibb – she is only talking from the heart in a manner that millions should both comprehend and empathise with. Yet people feel compelled to post such mean spirited responses; their motivation for doing so infinitely more interesting than anything they actually write.