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Adam West Pencil Portrait
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Last update: 6/12/15

Batman,” the wonderfully camp action series from the 60’s, finally received the remastered treatment from Warner Home Video in 2014. Released in high definition, the standard DVD and blue ray box set editions boast over three hours of new featurettes, and an episode guide detailing the plots and guest stars. The extras add an anecdotal flavour to the proceedings in addition to a sense of fun, yet the biggest thrill in either version are the beautiful new transfers.

Now available with added sheen and sparkle, the skies over Gotham City might become even brighter once again in 2016, with Adam West and Burt Ward promising a return to their career-high roles of Batman and Robin, as part of an upcoming animated project.

“Holy encore Batman!”

Yes indeed Boy Wonder, and all in good time for your 50th televisual anniversary.

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Batman (ABC) Tv series (1966-68)

Hollywood Palace (NBC) - August 1966

Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (2003)

Holy reunion! Thirty-seven years after Adam West and Burt Ward donned their skintight suits to keep Gotham City crime free , the Dynamic Duo were reunited for a televisual peek at what really happened behind the scenes.

Required for umpteen close-up shots, there were daily on-set explosions that left Ward requiring treatment, encounters with lusty female fans – West would at one point, fondly recall an ‘inexhaustible supply of pussy’ – whispers of the pair being gay, and complaints from censors about the sexual innuendo in the ABC series, that aired from 1966-68.

For those who get the in-jokes, this two hour special is a treat. Forced to relive their past in the search for clues to recovering the Batmobile after it’s stolen from a Hollywood charity event, West, 74, and a rotund Ward, 57, are initially nonplussed, but when a bystander suggests calling the police, the former caped crusader deadpans; “This is a job for actors. We’ll find the Batmobile.”

“Us?” Ward replies. “We wouldn’t even know where to start.”

The adventure reunites them with Frank Gorshin (Riddler), and a pair of feline adversaries, catwoman actresses Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether. In one bar scene, Newmar plays a vivacious vixen who grooves with West to the old “Batman” theme, whilst her spin-off motion picture replacement and former Miss America appears as a waitress at a drive-in diner.

West and Ward hadn’t worked together in years, but it barely shows. A wonderfully nostalgic screenplay, lacking only the irrepressible presence of Burgess Meredith and Cesar Romero, “Return to the Batcave” is a fitting coda to a hugely popular series.

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Back to the Batcave : My story (Adam West with, Jeff Rovin) 1994