Hattie Jacques

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Hattie Jacques Pencil Portrait
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Hattie Jacques found fame as Tony Hancock’s secretary Greselda Pugh in the BBC radio series Hancock’s Half Hour,” (1954-59) before playing Eric Sykes sister in Sykes And A… (1960-65) and Sykes (1972-79).

Today, due in no small part to their endless re-screenings, she is probably best remembered for her many Carry On film roles, particularly as Matron opposite Kenneth Williams.

Her marriage to John Le Mesurier was emotionally volatile, and the 2011 BBC drama about her affair with John Schofield – if the testimonies of close friends are to be believed – is a serious distortion of events. Nevertheless, her actions did lead to the destruction of the family unit, and there was a disturbing prescience to her husband’s words when he told his wife that her lover would “leave her for the first thin, pretty thing that came along.” An Italian slimline alternative did indeed materialise, and poor Hattie would be be reduced to the role of a downtrodden emotional doormat as Schofield periodically returned to her bed over the next few years. Habitually lacking in self esteem and suitably crushed, her weight would balloon further, her heart literally giving out at the premature age of fifty eight.

A loving mother and unceasingly aware of the professional debt she owed to her public, she was and remains a true British comedy great.