Michelle Dockery

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Michelle Dockery Pencil Portrait
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It comes as no surprise that Michelle Dockery is a woman of many talents, currently motoring as a triple threat actress, singer and dancer who used to spend hours as a child in the living room dancing away in her tap shoes with her sisters.

She sang at Ronnie Scott’s in 2009, an experience the actress found unnerving, whilst admitting that performing live is more than a mere flirtation.

“I’ve always said that I’d love to play a singer, as I’m fascinated by musicians and their vulnerabilities. Acting is my comfort zone, but singing is very exposing. I feel very vulnerable when I sing.”

Now busy amassing a large vinyl collection, the actress told M&S Style and Living in 2014 that she was lending her ear to “some Joni Mitchell, Oasis and the Doors, old standards like Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone, and then what I listened to as a teen. At school, everyone was into Take That and even though I secretly liked them and had a massive crush on Mark Owen, I started getting into Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.”

It’s quite a departure from ‘Downton Abbey’ and her alto-ego Lady Mary, the marble cold sister she plays to such perfection in the long running series.