Nigella Lawson

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Nigella Lawson Pencil Portrait
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Women love to hate other women, and much to my constant amusement, no woman appears more hated by fellow females than Nigella Lawson. These female commentators, and a throng of others, have taken exception to Nigella’s camp presentational style, and her penchant for finger licking in the kitchen. Mind you, given a near empty bowl with chocolate residue, don’t we all?

She’s rich in her own right, and seemingly comfortable with her “curves.” Fat’s the adjective I’ve overheard bandied about in female conversations, although I suspect there’s envy involved as she’s blessed with the most gorgeous skin and looks a decade younger than her 56 years. Furthermore, the notoriety she’s gained from her TV cookery programmes and her accompanying books, have made her one of that rare coterie of stars who are recognised merely by their first name.

All that unsisterly sniping now makes perfect sense to me. Here’s to the green eyed monster…….