Vicky McClure

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Vicky McClure Pencil Portrait
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It’s safe to say that Vicky McClure has made it now. As the newly promoted DI Kate Fleming in the BBC’s Line of Duty juggernaut, she reached a prime-time audience, and her recent documentary, “Our Dementia Choir,” was one of the most affecting TV shows of the year.

Despite her sucess, she continues to experience sexism in her profession, or as she puts it: “I have experienced some right twats, as in men who treat men differently to how they treat me.” Things such as a male actor being asked if he is happy to start a scene “and I’m stood in the room at the same time. I’m like, ‘Yeah and I’m also happy to go.’ It’s little things like that, which you might think are nothing, but you’re offending me by not asking me. I am quite strong and to some people I might seem a little cocky, but if I’ve got an opinion I like it to be heard. That’s not me trying to be difficult. I’ve seen too many men walk into the room and go, ‘What’s happening?’ And then you do it as a woman and you feel like you’re being difficult.”